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ICC Sensory Room

ICC Sensory Room

The Sensory Room at the ICC is a FREE facility which can be enjoyed by members of the public, groups and childcare settings alike.  The room can be booked out in half hour slots (multiple if available).

There are many benefits to using a sensory room:

  • Stimulation: our sensory room has many different lights, textures, sounds and even an aroma panel.
  • Improved motor skills, balance and spatial awareness: we have several levels and platforms, switches, dials, buttons and toys in our facility to help with a child’s development.
  • Supporting challenging behaviour: a sensory room can help a child that may have challenging behaviour associated with additional learning needs or other medical conditions. A sensory room provides a stimulating yet calming and soothing environment. It can become a safe zone where a child feels free to engage and play away from the “outside world”.

To book please telephone: 01685 727374

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Last updated: August 2019