Family Information Service

Merthyr Tydfil

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council
Room 238, Civic Centre, Castle Street
Merthyr Tydfil CF47 8AN
T: 01685 727400

Parents, Childcare and Employment - PaCE

Are childcare costs preventing you from training or working?

Who Can PaCE Help?

PaCE can help parents/ guardians who are currently not engaged in any education, training or employment. 

What will PaCE offer?

  • PaCE will help parents/ guardians who are out of work into training and employment.
  • PaCE will help find and fund solutions to overcome childcare barriers to enable parents / guardians to prepare for and access employment opportunities.
  • Parents will receive individualised help via a PaCE adviser in their local community.
  • PaCE Advisers support parents / guardians to overcome childcare barriers to also develop employment skills which help improve confidence/ self-esteem too.