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FAQ for Parents

FAQ for Parents

When visiting a potential childcare setting, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Is it Welcoming?

  • Were you made to feel welcome?
  • Did the children look happy, interested and stimulated?
  • Were the staff helpful?


  • Were the premises clean, well ventilated, warm and safe?
  • Was there parking for parents?
  • Is there provision for special needs?
  • What about meals? If my child has a dietary requirement, can these be catered for?
  • Is there access to an outdoor play area?


  • Were the staff friendly and approachable?
  • How did staff interact with children?
  • How do staff encourage good behaviour?
  • How many carers and how many children are there in the setting?


  • Are there lots of suitable toys and play equipment?
  • What use is made of television or computer games?
  • Were the activities varied and imaginative?
  • Are girls and boys encouraged to take part in all activities and encouraged to use all equipment?
  • Will my child have stories? Are there book to look at?

Is it Caring?

  • Is the setting flexible about a settling in period? Can I stay with my child to help him / her settle?
  • How will I find out how my child is progressing?